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About eCheck Deposit are a low-cost payment solution offering all of the benefits of paper checks with the added convenience and speed of an online payment system. They're just like paper checks, only faster.

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Point of sale

Transform paper checks into eChecks for quicker process right at your purpose of sale

Online payments by echeck

Perfect for eCommerce of any sort, Echeck Deposit helps you to settle for eChecks on-line

Payment by Mobile

Make payments moveable by process eChecks instantly from a mobile device from anywhere

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The payments solutions sector is one of the fastest-changing industries todays. Consumers today expect fast and seamless transactions from the places where they do business, no matter what the transaction is for. They also have come to expect a wide range of convenient digital payment options.

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How Does Checks By Phone, Fax, and Web Work?

eCheck Deposit Offers:

NO Processing Fees.

NO Per Transaction Fees.

NO Setup Fees.

Step 1.

Collect bank info
from customer.

Step 2.

Enter information
into system.

Step 3.

Insert blank checks
into printer, print and Deposit!

ECheck payment Services USA

How Do Checks By Phone Work?
Echeck processing in USA-:
Taking Checks by phone is very easy. You sell a product or service to your client, they read you the check data over the phone. You then enter the check information into your secure eCheck Deposit software database. The last step, you print the check and then deposit into your bank account.

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